Emergency (Disaster) Management & Business Continuity

Emergency Preparedness Plans and training help you navigate a crisis. Your need to reduce injuries, preserve the business, maintain productivity, reduce losses and limit liability, these plans and the training that accompany them are designed to help you sustain these critical business functions.

Emergency Exercises

We design, and facilitate various types of emergency and disaster scenario exercises from "table tops" to comprehensive "simulations" and "mock disasters". In addition to fulfilling your specific goals, our design objectives are to validate response strategies, identify gaps, instill confidence, enhance teamwork and ready you and your team before a disaster strikes.

Emergency Plans

Our team supports and works with clients to prepare written plans (strategies) that establish effective and practical protocols to respond to an emergency, as well strategies to manage and sustain the continuity of essential business services.

Hazard and Risk Assessments

We conduct a thorough and concise assessment and analysis of the hazards and risks that if realized, would negatively impact your business. We use proven methodologies, standards and risk resilient principles. We work with and guide you through mitigation efforts to realize immediate successes and to establish medium and long terms strategies.


We design, prepare and facilitate customized training programs. In addition to fulfilling your specific objectives, the programs are designed to ensure your team is knowledgeable of their specific roles and responsibilities, use proven response techniques and instill confidence.

Critical System Diagrams

As opposed to scrambling for large and cumbersome drawings that are complicated to interpret, we develop customized and scaled down critical system diagrams that improve your preparedness and ability to manage the impact of a disaster. These critical system diagrams (CSD) works in combination with your response plans and supports pre-fire planning and training.