My Safety Net

This post is dedicated to consumer and commercial software solutions and technologies that enable companies and the public (consumer) as a whole to protect ones-self, friends, family, employees, corporate reputation and assets as well as reduce liability.

REDD KNIGHTS GROUP is a strategic consulting firm that specializes in Improving and Solving Security issues, working with corporations to ensure Compliance, Fire & Life Safety and Emergency Management.

Our Services include:

  1. Conducting Security and Risk Assessments,
  2. Developing Strategic & Operational Security Programs,
  3. Designing Security Systems and Applications,
  4. Developing Fire Safety Plans and Awareness Programs
  5. Developing Workplace Violence Programs
  6. Developing Emergency Response Plans and Training

as well as related software solutions.

Technologies and Software Solutions

There is no mistake, crime happens. There are new stories broadcasted everyday to a point where it becomes difficult to ignore it.  Crime is systemic within our society, sadly.

My Safety Net –“Don’t be a Victim”Is a Consumer Based-Mobile Panic Application for Blackberry Smartphone’s. When you are in danger, the application with Victim positioning, identification and Assailant deterrent capabilities will alert user defined emergency contacts (your parents or friends and 911) and summon help.



Download the “My Safety Net” (Link to Blackberry App Store using the image)



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