Health & Safety/Workplace Violence

The reputation and indeed your success as a business depend heavily on the health and safety of your employees. As your business changes you need to be compliant to any number of codes, regulations, standards to reduce your liability. The actions and responsibilities of the employer AND the actions and responsibilities of the employee are dictated by these regulations and standards.

Many businesses strive to ensure that employees are protected and perform their functions safely, however much of the effort is done with little understanding of or compliance to the health & safety codes, regulations and standards. There are just too many different codes and so many regulations. It is difficult to be sure you have covered them all. So often, it is the leadership and management team that is held liable when something goes wrong.

We help you and your businesses weed through the different responsibilities and then we help you implement your policies thus ensuring you have accomplished the right level of due diligence. We help you protect the business, your employees and, limit your exposure to liability. After all it only takes one incident to devastate your business.

How can we help you?

  • Work Safe Program Reviews.
  • Workplace Violence Assessment & program development.
  • Health & Safety Program Audits.
  • Compliance Support & Guidance.