Project Management

REDD KNIGHTS GROUP recognizes clients' diverse design and project requirements. Our team of specialists develops and implement project plans based on each individual client's scope of requirements. The following are a list of services:

Project Feasibility Analysis

Providing an overall review of an Owner's infrastructure requirements, by determining priorities based on specific circumstances.

Project Budgeting

Assisting organizations in defining costs required to complete projects.

Project Planning

A collaborative process, from preparation of project scope to determining project resources, as it benefits the Project Owners.

Project Scheduling

We accurately monitor the status of the project, ensure stakeholders are regularly updated and manage changes to the original schedule.

Administration and Documentation

Inscribing, reviewing, recording and managing all project documents for accurate representation of the project.

Quality Assurance & Control

We efficiently and accurately monitor and record results throughout the project.

Project Coordination & Management

Directing and managing work in order to achieve all deliverables in pursuit of the Project Owner's objectives.